Generic Adult Sours E-Liquid

Generic Adult Sours is a premium eJuice and vape juice manufacturer, born out of the desire to provide every member of the vaping community with a safer, healthier alternative to cigarette smoking, while offering delicious flavors and affordable prices.

In order to create some of the best vaping products available on the market, they only use high quality ingredients, innovative research and development techniques and last but not least, an extremely rigorous quality control process.

This line features three delicious blends that will make you pucker your lips. Go ahead, fill your tank and enjoy these sour goodies!

You are going to adore Raspberry, a sour and sweet candy blend that will sure make you crave for more! If you are more into blueberries, don’t worry, GAS’s got you too!

Berry is here for you!

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.