Taffy Man E-Liquid

Taffy lovers out there, we’ve got good news! Taffy Man eLiquids are here to make your taste buds happy! This premium eJuice and vape juice manufacturer offers a wide range of taffy flavors, created with premium quality ingredients, released after complex research, development and testing, their flavors will sure make your inner sweet tooth smile and puff joyfully!

Taffy Man deliciously blends fruit flavors with the classic taffy goodies that we all know and love, guaranteed to seduce, satisfy and provide you with the perfectly sweet experience you have been looking for!

Indulge into the cloudy yumyness of B1G APL, a sweet mix of green apple and candy, perfectly balancing sweet and sour for a truly unique experience that your taste buds will sure enjoy!

GR8PE will make you feel like you’re biting on a delicious, massive blob of sweet and sour grape taffy, while H20Berry will tantalize your palate with an intense surge of watermelon, mixed  with soft undertones of strawberry taffiness. We’re sure you’ll adore these refreshing yummies and crave for more of them!