Nitecore i2 V2 Charger

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Nitecore i2 V2 Charger

The classic Nitecore i2 charger comes back better than ever with more functions and faster onboard charging!

The updated, dual-bay i2 v2 Intellicharger Battery Charger from Nitecore improves on their original with faster charging times, a wider battery compatibility range and improved charging and safety features. An intelligent power management system automatically detects the number of batteries installed, evenly distributes charging power, and selects the appropriate charging current based on the specific needs of each battery installed. LEDs clearly display the charging status and power level of each battery, and output selection. Reverse polarity and over-charge protection, as well as short circuit and non-rechargeable battery detection, prevents damage to the batteries and charger.

This Product Features:

  • Half Amp Charging with Two Batteries
  • One Amp Charging with One Battery
  • Charging Acceleration
  • IMR Battery Restoration
  • Digital screen
  • Over-charging protection
  • Reverse-polarity protection

You Will Receive:

  • 1x – Nitecore I2 V2 Charger